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Lawnifi = Advanced Liquid Fertilizer

Lawnifi Recover, Maintain spray bottles - Spring Box package
Lawnifi’s advanced spray technology works to deliver nutrients to your lawn and landscape with fast results. Lawnifi encourages green lawns while helping build strong roots under improved soil conditions.
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Order Lawnifi liquid lawn fertilizer and get your fertilizer sent right to your doorstep at no cost with FREE SHIPPING.  Applying your new fertilizer is easy and fast using the Application instructions and schedule included in your order.
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Each 32-ounce bottle of Lawnifi liquid fertilizer covers 5,000 sqft, the same area as a typical 25-pound bag of granular!  Achieving a greener, healthier lawn is now easier and uses less product with better results.

Fertilizing your lawn with Lawnifi is Simple and Fast.

Step 1: Attach to Hose

Step 2: Spray Evenly

Step 3: Enjoy Your Lawn

Why Choose Lawnifi Liquid Fertilizer?

Lawns Drink, They Don’t Eat

Liquid fertilizers are superior to granular because of the way plants take up nutrients. Roots drink their nutrients so why not deliver them that way? Granular requires break down in the soil to be used, takes time, and leads to unnecessary nutrient waste and lock up in the soil.

Nano Fertilizer = 100% Uptake

We use the same technology in liquid gel tablets or quit-smoking patches to deliver nutrients directly to the plant through both the leaves and root system. Lawnifi with Catalyst Technology is the first nano fertilizer for home use that ensures maximum plant uptake and nutrient efficiency.

Low Use Rate = Eco-Friendly

One bottle covers 5,000 sqft and replaces a 25lb bag of fertilizer by combining the positive effects of enhanced microbial activity, nano particles, and liquid nutrient delivery. By using less product, Lawnifi is less harmful to the environment and safe for kids and pets.

Carbon Feeds Microbes

Carbon in Lawnifi is a food source for microbes and enhances their health. Microbes produce Nitrogen when they process carbon. Natural nitrogen in the soil means less product is needed for great results.

Easy to Use

No Spreader. No Settings. No Cleanup. Attach Lawnifi to your hose and walk at a normal pace, spraying in overlapping rows. Using Lawnifi saves time and headache over granular fertilizers that require spreaders, watering, and cleanup.

Delivered to Your Door

Lawnifi is shipped directly to your doorstep, and our follow up tips, advice, and reorder reminders make following the program and achieving your best lawn easy! Orders over $40 qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

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Lawnifi = Results

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Ready to Get Started?

Our Spring Box Includes Everything Your Grass Needs For A Healthy Start To Spring

Lawnifi Maintain

Lawnifi Maintain

Lawnifi Recover

Spring Box

Includes three bottles of liquid fertilizer (two bottles of Maintain and one bottle of Recover). Order this box to save $10 off the price if bought separately. The Spring Box is delivered right to your door with FREE SHIPPING. Apply monthly for your best lawn!

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