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10% OFF Lawnifi Santee Centipede Grass Seed

July is the time to get your lawn in order!

This is the perfect seed for your landscape needs and the best time to put down grass seed is when soil temperatures are optimal, and the sunlight is still maximized. Order your Lawnifi Centipede seed now to be ready AND get 10% percent off!

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Gardening and lawn care don’t have to be complicated. Get expert tips, troubleshoot issues, and find eco-friendly solutions in our garden & lawn blog.

Why We Deadhead Flowers

You’ve likely heard about deadheading flowers. Plucking the old blooms off seems like a sensible thing to do. It makes the plant look tidy and attractive. But is there another reason we do it? What is Deadheading? Deadheading removes the old or “dead” flower heads on a plant. Once the flower has started to fade, […]

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Does The Pot Matter To The Plant?

Container size is important The container size seems like it wouldn’t be important unless it’s too small, but that’s not the case. Container size will directly affect plant size by limiting root growth. A tomato plant in a 10” pot will not grow as large–everything else held constant–as a tomato in a 15” pot. The […]

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Moon Gardening: Does Lunar Phase Affect Plant Growth?

Moon Gardening, a practice as ancient as agriculture itself, intertwines folklore with the routines of contemporary garden enthusiasts. This traditional method coordinates sowing, planting, and harvesting with the moon’s cycles. But does Moon Gardening hold scientific water, or is it merely a charming relic of garden lore? Let’s unearth the mysteries of gardening under the […]

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Superior Lawn Nutrition

Get year-round lawn perfection delivered! Our fertilizer subscription service makes maintaining a lush, sustainable lawn as easy as turning on your hose.

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Fertilizer for Spring, Summer, and Fall!

Your lawn's nutritional demands shift with the seasons and temperatures. Our Fertilizer Boxes are tailor-made for each season's needs.

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Pre-Measured Easy Application!

When we say easy, we mean it. Fit our liquid applicator onto your house and turn it on — that’s all there is to it!


Lawnifi exists so everyone can have their own little piece of green. Garden and lawn care shouldn’t require a master's degree to make sense of. Our guidance and solutions help you bring your dream garden to life, whether envisioning a lush quarter-acre or creating a thriving apartment garden on your balcony. We're here to support your journey of becoming the hero of your lawn and garden.

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