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Lawn & garden essentials for the new gardener or seasoned pro.

Pre-order Garden-Ready Plant Packs for Spring Delivery!

Skip the seed or the trip to the big-box store and get your plants shipped directly to your door.

Say hello to our ready-to-plant tomatoes, zinnias, marigolds, and snacking peppers. Affordable, adaptable, and perfect for large gardens or apartment balconies. Order now; plant packs will begin shipping in early March.

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Gardening and lawn care don’t have to be complicated. Get expert tips, troubleshoot issues, and find eco-friendly solutions in our garden & lawn blog.

10 Ways to Use the Multi-Tool

Dive into the world of gardening with the ultimate multi-tool, designed to tackle everything from planting to weeding and more.

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Can Music Make Your Garden Grow?

The enchanting idea that music can enhance plant growth blends scientific intrigue with artistic flair. It’s a concept rooted in the belief that the natural world is as responsive to culture as it is to the climate and soil conditions it grows in. But does playing Bach in your backyard really boost your blooms, or […]

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Easy Veggie Wins For New Gardeners

Being a new gardener can be frustrating. Visions of brightly colored tomatoes, handsome squash, and crisp lettuce are often met with the harsh reality of weeding, dead seedlings, scrawny plants, and frustration. Getting a few wins right away is important to boost your confidence and, more importantly, to enjoy gardening! While some veggies are problematic, […]

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Superior Lawn Nutrition

Get year-round lawn perfection delivered! Our fertilizer subscription service makes maintaining a lush, sustainable lawn as easy as turning on your hose.

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Fertilizer for Spring, Summer, and Fall!

Your lawn's nutritional demands shift with the seasons and temperatures. Our Fertilizer Boxes are tailor-made for each season's needs.

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Pre-Measured Easy Application!

When we say easy, we mean it. Fit our liquid applicator onto your house and turn it on — that’s all there is to it!


Lawnifi exists so everyone can have their own little piece of green. Garden and lawn care shouldn’t require a master's degree to make sense of. Our guidance and solutions help you bring your dream garden to life, whether envisioning a lush quarter-acre or creating a thriving apartment garden on your balcony. We're here to support your journey of becoming the hero of your lawn and garden.

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