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From the pioneers of turfgrass, Lawnifi brings you the ultimate garden care experience, combining innovation with simplicity for all garden lovers.

Why We Exist

Our mission stems from a common problem: creating a beautiful lawn and garden shouldn't require an advanced horticultural degree. That's where we step in. We get it; life can be hectic, leaving little time for in-depth gardening pursuits and research.

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Our Goal Is Simple

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To make lawn & garden care a breeze for you and, most importantly, fun!



We're all about giving you practical, easy solutions that work like a charm, and we even bring them right to your doorstep.

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Plus, our team of gardening pros is here to dish out straightforward advice to keep your gardening journey frustration-free.

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Our Story Really Began in 1994

We’ve been rooted in agriculture for 3 decades, starting in ‘94. Launching in 2017 and re-launching in 2023, we turned that experience into a knowledge base for folks who want a great lawn and garden space to call their own, regardless of how large or small. Tap through to see the timeline.

Our sister company, Sod Solutions, emerged with a vision to revolutionize the turfgrass industry by improving both the quality and variety of grasses available to the market.

With a deep-seated love for plants, the founders were dedicated to nurturing the resilience, beauty, and environmental sustainability of turfgrasses.

Their groundbreaking work in genetic research and breeding led to the development of superior sod products for landscapers, architects, and homeowners.

This focus on innovation and quality not only established Sod Solutions as a leader in the turfgrass industry but also sowed the seeds for future green endeavors.

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Blossoming from Sod Solutions' commitment to providing easy-to-use garden and lawn care solutions.

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Fall Box 1

Recognizing the difficulties of traditional fertilizer application, we innovated with our ready-to-spray bottles, simplifying the process, making it easier to deliver nutrients to plants, and often eliminating overuse, which leads to runoff.


Talking directly with homeowners, we've uncovered the universal challenges that all lawn and garden lovers encounter.

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Lawnifi Seed Starter

Whether nestled in city apartments or owning plenty of land for gardening space, many expressed a desire to immerse themselves in gardening.

We’re fulfilling that need INTENTIONALLY

Every product in our lineup is thoughtfully designed and developed, with a focus on crafting items that not only last but also truly enhance your gardening experience. Whenever possible, we proudly manufacture right here in the USA. Our philosophy? Provide everything you need and skip what you don’t. We’re taking a stand against the clutter of single-use gadgets and the pitfalls of overconsumption. By being deliberate in our approach, we empower you to make intentional choices about what you grow and how you nurture your space.

Our products are the result of high-quality materials that have been chosen with intention.

We've paid close attention to every detail, ensuring everything is designed to enhance your gardening, from the stitches to the zippers.

Our products promise longevity, simplicity, and an eye for style, making them durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

By simplifying complex gardening products and information, we offer high-quality, accessible garden solutions.

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Curated picks and much-loved favorites! These top picks ensure vibrant lawns and flourishing gardens that everyone raves about.

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