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Forget lugging around heavy bags of fertilizer and trying to jam it down your lawn! Why?  Lawns drink; they don’t eat.  And they prefer drinking Lawnifi. Better nutrient intake. Faster results. 

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Why Fertilize With Lawnifi?

Rethink your lawn fertilizer. Catalyst Technology creates nano sized nutrients for Lawnifi products. Smaller particles means better plant nutrient uptake at lower use rates.
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Buy fertilizer online and we’ll deliver a healthier, greener lawn to your front door…literally. In our fertilizer box, we will send you just the right amount of Lawnifi lawn fertilizer that promises to keep your lawn healthy and happy.
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No…you won’t find some big, bulky bags of grass fertilizer sitting on your front porch. Each 32-ounce bottle of Lawnifi covers the same area as a typical 25-pound bag of granular fertilizer, allowing you to achieve a greener, healthier lawn with much less work and with much less product!

Fertilize your lawn with Lawnifi.

Less work. Less product. Better results.

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