The Best Fertilizer for Zoysiagrass Lawns

Choose Your Fertilizer Program

Beauty is in the blades, but the action is in the roots. Lawnifi focuses on root and soil development, while most fertilizers only help achieve temporary green. Green is great, but without roots and healthy soil it won’t last.

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Lawnifi Complete Zoysia Fertilizer Program

Lawnifi Complete fertilizer program

If you want to get better results, give your lawn what it wants: a regular dose of liquid nutrients delivered monthly throughout the growing season. Lawnifi Complete delivers an improved, standalone fertility program.

  • A monthly program – 9 bottles a year
  • Builds strong roots & healthy soils
  • Promotes thick grass that chokes out weeds
  • Effective & easy liquid spray program
  • Replaces granular fertility

Lawnifi Enhancement Program

Lawnifi Granular Enhancement fertilizer program

Most fertilization programs include applying a granular fertilizer once in the spring, summer, and fall. If you follow this fertilization schedule and want to enhance it, we recommend the Lawnifi Enhancement program.

  • Water in granular fertilizer with Recover
  • Apply up to three times per year: Spring, Early Summer & Fall
  • Enhances your current fertility program
  • Help break down granular fertilizer more efficiently
  • Strong Micronutrients + Carbon Package = Better Results

Lawnifi Starter Fertilizer Program

Liquid fertilizer is the best way to feed newly laid sod. Lawnifi Starter is a program for the first 90 days after you sod your lawn, ensuring that your lawn’s new roots are getting the phosphorus they need, when they need it.

  • Liquid fertilizer is the best way to feed newly laid sod
  • Starter program for first 90 days
  • Helps roots establish quickly
  • Prevents transplant shock

A Note on Fertilization

Do not apply more than 3 lbs of N PER 1000 SQFT PER year, or more than .5 LB per application. Nitrogen drives top growth and greening, but in excess will cause more frequent mowing and fungus/disease pressure. Avoid fertilizers with excessively high nitrogen content.

A Great Zoysiagrass Lawn Isn’t Just About Fertility

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