32 oz. Bottle

Product Description

Maintain is for monthly spring and early fall feeding. Maintain provides carbon, amino acids, nitrogen, phosphite, potassium and micronutrients lawns need to thrive. Maintain is designed to provide enhanced color with iron and nitrogen while also fortifying the plant and root zone with amino acids and carbon for increased microbial activity and soil structure.

How To Use

Attach your sprayer to the end of the garden house. This one quart bottle covers 5,000 sq. ft. of lawn or landscape. For best results apply in morning or evening during the coolest part of the day. Do not water for four hours after applying. Pull back tab and rotate nozzle to activate sprayer. Use moderate water pressure, typically one turn from full pressure in most systems. The spray should be uniform and at optimal pressure the bottle should last approximately six minutes. Walk at a steady pace overlapping rows. Apply Maintain monthly during the active growing season.

Lawnifi seasonal maintenance schedule