Just Bought Sod?

This box has everything your lawn needs to get established and growing quickly.


New Lawn Starter Box
Application Schedule

At Install

The first application of Grow should be made at installation or shortly after to encourage root growth and soil health.

2 Weeks

The second application of Grow should be made two weeks later. By now new sod should have prolific tiny white roots emerging when you pick up a piece.

4 Weeks

Apply Maintain four weeks after laying and then transition to the Granular Enhancement or Complete Seasonal Lawnifi program for a healthy and happy lawn.

Lawnifi is Powerful.

Powered by Catalyst Technology, Lawnifi’s proprietary manufacturing process creates nano-sized fertilizer particles. When delivered this way, lawns and landscape plants are able to absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently. With Lawnifi, less fertilizer delivers better results.

Lawnifi is Liquid.

Lawnifi is not composed of hard granular pieces that must be broken down by water and microbes. Liquid Lawnifi is 100% ready to use right out of the bottle. Lawns drink, they don’t eat their nutrients!

Lawnifi is Simple.

No more spreaders requiring difficult math problems and spreader settings. Lawnifi comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle that evenly distributes fertilizer across your lawn and landscape in 10 minutes or less. Lawnifi builds healthy soils and lawns with every application.