Complete Program 9 Bottle Fertilizer Subscription

$11.99 / month and a $29.99 sign-up fee

SAFE checkoutA Lawnifi Seasonal Fertilizer Box delivered to your door at the start of each growing season.

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Take the guesswork out of feeding your lawn with the Lawnifi Complete Program. At the start of each season, a Lawnifi Seasonal Box will arrive. Each box contains three bottles of the products needed throughout the season and covers up to 5,000 square feet with each application. A monthly charge covers quarterly deliveries in spring, summer, and fall. Subscribe and save over $48 off the price of the bottles when sold individually. The $41.98 sign up fee guarantees your first seasonal box ships immediately.

The Spring Fertilizer Box includes two bottles of Maintain fertilizer and one bottle of Boost fertilizer delivered right to your door!  Use Maintain at the start of spring for green up and healthy roots, Boost in mid-spring for green up and thickening of your lawn, and Maintain in late spring to keep it green and healthy through the start of summer.


The Summer Fertilizer Box includes one bottle of Maintain and two bottles of Recover to be applied monthly. The Summer Box is designed to help your lawn fight through the stress and heat of summer. Recover is packed with nitrogen, iron, carbon, and micronutrients that will help your lawn thrive while improving soil structure.


The Fall Fertilizer Box includes one bottle of Boost, one bottle of Maintain, and one bottle of Recover to be applied monthly to keep your lawn looking green throughout the fall and prepare it for the cold temperatures of winter.

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