Granular Enhancement Box

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Most fertilization programs include applying a granular fertilizer once in the spring, summer, and fall. If you follow this fertilization schedule and want to enhance it, we recommend the Lawnifi Enhancement program.

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Not sure you are ready for a full liquid program, but still want the benefits of Lawnifi for micronutrients and carbon for soil health? The Granular Enhancement Box is the answer. The Granular Enhancement Box includes (3) Bottles of Recover that should be used to water in each application of granular throughout the year. This box contains enough product to last you all year. The Granular Enhancement box will, as its name suggests, enhance the effectiveness of your normal granular routine. Your lawn deserves it!

Recover contains a balanced NPK mixture, Carbon, Iron, Copper, and Zinc and features our patented Catalyst Absorption Technology, a nanomanufacturing process that maximizes plant uptake and nutrient availability allowing your lawn to thrive with thick, lush growth and a strong root system.

Lawnifi Enhance Fertilizer Subscription

This box contains enough product for 3 applications and covers 5,000 Sq ft per bottle.

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