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8-8-8 Liquid plant food and a balanced fertilizer for new sod, seed, and plugs.

8-8-8 Liquid plant food and a balanced fertilizer for new sod, seed, and plugs.

Lawnifi Grow is a liquid fertilizer packed with a powerful blend of nutrients to promote the healthy growth and establishment of new sod, plugs, and seed.

It uses Catalyst TechnologyTM to help your grass get all those awesome nutrients quickly by nano-sizing them so that your lawn doesn’t have to spend energy breaking nutrients down.

Lawnifi Grow is a balanced fertilizer that comes with a mix of must-have nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that lawns absolutely love.

Nitrogen is responsible for that lush, green look, especially if you’ve got new sod or seed. It’s all about fresh leaves and strong roots. Then there’s the phosphorus, the MVP for building tough roots, building resistance to stress, and balanced nutrient uptake. Potassium is like the bodyguard, helping your grass handle stress like a champ, deal with weather changes, and nutrient uptake for a healthy, vibrant lawn.

Using Lawnifi Grow is easy-peasy. Just give it a good shake, spray it on during the cooler parts of the day, and make sure to cover the soil before planting fresh sod or new seed. One quart goes a long way, covering around 5,000 sq. ft., so walk evenly to give your lawn the full VIP treatment.

Whether you’re starting fresh with new sod or planting seeds, Lawnifi Grow is your go-to buddy. You can use it anytime or upgrade to the Lawnifi New Lawn Starter Box for even more.


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