Lawnifi 9 Bottle Annual Fertilizer Program

From: $39.90

Deliver our spring, summer, and fall seasonal boxes to your door!

$134.95 / year
$9.95 / month and a $29.95 sign-up fee

Deliver our spring, summer, and fall seasonal boxes to your door!

Customer Reviews

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Jason S.
Love it!

I neglected my yard for a little too long and needed something quick. I used a combination of this and grow and recover. I probably over fertilized but I spaced the applications out. Started noticing improvements within a week and after almost 4 weeks I have seen tremendous improvements and growth in the majority of my trouble spots. My yard is well on its way to looking great again!

Tom H. (Blythewood, SC)
Beat the heat

I'm using the Summer Fertilizer Box on the new Empire Zoysia we laid in the Spring. It's kept the lawn green, lush, and growing despite the 100+ temperatures we've been experiencing. It's been a great experience with their products, and highly recommend their product line.

Antonio V. (Richmond, VA)

Two of the bottles expanded in the heat and opened up hopefully they will still work when needed

Ebob i.F. (Tampa, FL)
Great customer service. Very effective products.

I had a few questions before placing a seasonal package order and the customer service rep was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Got my order placed and paid for all with the one call. I’ve used products when I put in new sod and had good success compared to my neighbors who said put in at the same time and did not use their Starter package. The products are reasonably priced and I would suggest that you consider them seriously if you’re putting in a new lawn or trying to improve what you have.

James S. (Sarasota, FL)

Grass is growing great. Can’t wait to cut it. Green as green can be. Would highly recommend your sod. Thanks again for a great lawn.

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