Live Seedling Plant Packs

Jumpstart your garden with ease! Garden-ready vegetable and herb seedlings shipped directly to you.

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How Plant Packs Work

  1. Choose Your Pack: Select from our variety of plant packs, like Culinary Herb, Garden Salsa, and more.
  2. Unbox & Plant: Each pack comes with a guide on how to plant each seedling in your chosen spot.
  3. Water & Grow: Follow our easy watering and care instructions included in your pack.
  4. Enjoy Your Harvest: Harvest your plants for cooking, garnishing, and more—right from your garden!

Why Plant Packs?

Easier Than Seed

Start with plantlets and nix the constant attention and worry that comes with growing plants from seed packets. Each seedling arrives at your doorstep fully germinated and ready for planting.

Get More With Less

An order of a dozen seedlings costs a lot less than buying an even smaller amount of plants from your local garden center—and you get enough to fill an outdoor garden, screened-in patio, or apartment balcony!

Great for Both Outdoor & Small Apartment Gardens

Who said you had to have a full blown house and yard to start a garden!? Each seedling can be planted in containers and placed by windows, on apartment balconies or on patios and porches.

Become an Instant Green Thumb

If you’re looking for a way to get into gardening, this is it. Show off your newly earned green thumb and grow each variety from small seedlings to fully grown, established plants.

Plant Pack

12 Garden-Ready Plants Delivered to Your Door

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bart G. (Midland Park, NJ)
Loving the plant packs

Ordered 3 plant packs to use in my vegetable garden. Then went away for a long weekend. Plants arrived while I was away. Upon opening the packs, the plants looked a little yellowish. Must have been delivered super fast. I potted them up right away and they all bounced back in about a week. They are thriving now. I almost wish I didn't go away and was able to plant them right away, but seems like there was no harm done. All of the tomato plants are about 10" tall now and look strong. Can't wait to reep the harvest! Thanks for providing a convenient service and a quality product!

Barry (Sioux Falls, SD)

Great product, fast shipping, high quality, 10 stars

Christine L.T. (Atlanta, GA)
various plant packs

This is my 2nd year purchasing Lawnifi plant packs. I love the various selections offered. These plants are delivered right to my door super fast. They are easy to plant & they're healthy. I have them growing right in my kitchen! It's exciting to go home every day and see how quickly they grow. These will be planted in a raised garden bed. I enjoy growing various healthy foods right from home. I also appreciate the information that both come with the plants and that's on the website. Makes eating fresh, healthy food so easy!

James P. (Mooresville, NC)
Great plants

They arrived in fast and in great condition, planted them and they are taking off!
Love them

P.D.V. (Voorhees Township, NJ)
Great plants.

Plants arrived in good shape. Transplanted into pots, and are doing well in my greenhouse.

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