New Lawn Fertilizer Box

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2 bottles of GROW and 1 bottle of MAINTAIN
Save $9.99 when purchasing the New Lawn Fertilizers as a box.

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The New Lawn Fertilizer Box includes:

2 bottles of Grow
1 bottle of Maintain
The New Lawn Fertilizer Box is the best starter fertilizer for new sod and seed. Lawnifi’s New Lawn Fertilizer Box includes 3 bottles of  Lawnifi™ to achieve faster, healthier root growth in new lawns. Each bottle covers up to 5,000 SQFT.

Application Schedule:

The first application of Grow can be made anytime the first week after installation and should be used to water in your lawn to encourage enhanced root growth and soil health.

Apply Grow, again, 2 weeks following the initial application.

Apply Maintain 4 weeks after laying and then transition to the Granular Enhancement or Complete Seasonal Lawnifi program for a healthy and happy lawn.

About Lawnifi:

Lawnifi is Powerful.

Powered by Catalyst Technology, Lawnifi’s nanomanufacturing process is able to reduce particle sizes of fertilizers. When delivered through nano-sized particles, lawns are able to absorb fertilizer easier. With Lawnifi, less fertilizer comes with better results.

Lawnifi is Liquid.

Lawnifi is a liquid, not a hard-granular nutrient particle, making absorption of Lawnifi by the plant easier. Remember, plants don’t eat, they drink!

Lawnifi is Simple.

No more spreaders requiring math or calculation to get right. Lawnifi comes as an easy-to-use sprayer evenly distributing fertilizer across your lawn in 10 minutes or less. Lawnifi gives lawns happy, healthy, harmonious blades of grass with every application.

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