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The Spring fertilizer Box includes two bottles of Maintain fertilizer and one bottle of Recover fertilizer delivered right to your door! Save $12.98 over purchasing Individually with the the Spring fertilizer Box!  Use Maintain at the start of spring for green up and healthy roots, Maintain again in mid-spring for color retention, and recover in late spring to prep your lawn for the heat and stress of Summer.  Our patented nano-fertilizers to give your lawn the jump start it needs to get out of dormancy and looking green throughout a thriving spring.

Lawnifi is powered by Catalyst Absorption Technology, a nano process that both protects and increases the efficiency of Lawnifi products. Don’t let the low analysis make you think Lawnifi products lack the nutrients lawns need! By reducing the particle size and surface area of our nutrients AND feeding microbes in the soil with carbon in every bottle, we naturally unlock nitrogen and phosphorous in the soil while applying 100% available nutrients to the plant. Lawnifi works great on lawns, shrubs, bushes, and flowers and is safe to use on all grass types. Give Lawnifi a try this spring!

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