Spring Garden Buyer’s Checklist

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    Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get ready for a gorgeous garden. Having the right tools and supplies is key to making your spring garden a success. Here’s a handy checklist to help you kickstart your garden this season. Let’s dive in and get your garden blooming!

    1. Herb & Vegetable Seed

    Whether you’re planning to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs, having the right seeds on hand is the first step to a thriving garden. Basil, beets, carrots, beans and lettuce are just a few of the many options that will thrive during the spring season. Opt for seed kits like our Root Vegetable or Greek Salad Seed Kit to get several seed packets promising a garden brimming with the most delicious root vegetables that grow well together. 

    2. Seed Starting Tray

    This ceramic seedling tray is a fantastic choice for starting seeds indoors. The built-in self-watering system keeps the soil consistently and evenly moist for optimal plant growth.

    Our seed starting trays are made by refining raw clay and then mold-injecting into our designed forms to create the highest quality terracotta that will last season after season. A modern touch with a white matte glaze makes this a great design piece on any countertop, window sill or shelf. It’s 10 ‘pods’, allowing you to start multiple seeds at once to prepare for large or small gardens.

    3. Grow Bags

    The Lawnifi X Root Pouch Fabric Pot Grow Bags are a must-have for anyone short on space, or looking to expand their current garden. They’re also a way to contain experimental growth. Not sure you want sweet mint to take over your whole bed? Contain it off to the side with a grow bag! Grow bags offer ultimate flexibility making them perfect for gardeners with limited space. Place them anywhere you like in a  tiny garden nook, a roomy yard, an urban  porch or a balcony hideout. Bonus points: Have limited sun? You can move your bags daily or seasonally to soak up even more rays for plants that need to maximize sun energy.

    Read more about our grow bags and their benefits here.

    4. Grow Bag Labels

    Featuring a clever slide-on design, these durable and waterproof copper garden plant markers effortlessly attach to the edge of Lawnifi Fabric Pot Grow Bags, ensuring they remain upright and resistant to wind. With a set of five, these markers offer the convenience of secure, stay-put plant identification that moves seamlessly with the bag. Say goodbye to misplaced or blown-away labels and embrace a well-organized, thriving garden. These adaptable, reusable markers are the ultimate solutions for reliable plant identification, eliminating any guesswork and enhancing your gardening experience.

    5. Gloves

    Don’t forget to add the Buffalo Leather Long Gauntlet Garden Gloves and the Goatskin Leather Garden Gloves with Touchscreen Tips to your spring gardening shopping list! American-made and crafted from premium American-sourced leather, these gloves aren’t just a purchase; they’re an investment in quality, durability and tradition. Designed to last for years, each pair is a testament to the unmatched craftsmanship and the spirit of American manufacturing. 

    Our collection includes:

    • Buffalo Leather Gloves: Known for their robust 4–5 oz. American buffalo leather, these gloves offer a unique blend of toughness and softness, ensuring breathability and an exceptional grip. The extended gauntlet cuff provides added protection for your wrists and forearms, ideal for tackling the most challenging gardening tasks.
    • Goatskin Leather Gloves: Embodying comfort and resilience, these gloves are made from supple American goatskin leather. Lightweight yet durable, they are equipped with touchscreen-compatible fingertips, allowing you to stay connected without compromising on protection. These gloves are perfect for detailed gardening work, offering defense against thorns, dirt and abrasions.

    Both styles prioritize comfort, durability and construction, with your choice boiling down to personal preference in style and specific gardening needs. Whether you’re drawn to the classic look and added forearm protection of the Buffalo Leather Gloves or the modern convenience and soft touch of the Goatskin Leather Gloves, you’re choosing a product backed by decades of glove-making expertise.

    Celebrate the differences in color, appearance, the practicality of the gauntlet cuff and the modern touch of touchscreen compatibility. Step into your garden with gloves that not only protect but also reflect a legacy of American craftsmanship and quality.

    6. Dibber

    This tough, ergonomic tool makes planting consistent, accurate and quick. Stainless steel tooling will last for years with minimal care, and the hardwood handle wears over time becoming even more beautiful with age. Depth markings to ensure you get your planting depths spot-on for different seeds and bulbs so you get maximum production for each seed you plant. 

    7. Shears

    Crafted for the harvest, these stainless steel shears excel in precision cutting, enabling you to navigate through dense foliage and selectively snip ripe produce. Their design, inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship, combines durability with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use. The sharp, robust blades slice through stems and branches, making the harvesting process smooth and efficient. With an ergonomic handle designed for comfort, these shears become an indispensable companion for your harvesting tasks, suited for both the meticulous indoor gardener and the robust demands of outdoor cultivation. 

    8. Kneeling Pad

    Say goodbye to knee discomfort with this waxed canvas garden kneeling pad! This pad combines the durability of tough waxed canvas with water-resistant properties, ensuring it stands up to damp soil and outdoor conditions while keeping you dry and comfortable. Whether you’re planting, weeding or tackling any garden chore, this pad is your go-to for reducing strain on your joints and making your gardening experience pure comfort.

    9. Garden Tool Trio

    The Garden Tool Trio is an essential set for every gardening enthusiast, blending functionality, durability and ease of use into one convenient package. This trio includes a trowel, transplanter and cultivator, each meticulously designed to meet the varied demands of garden maintenance. Crafted from high-quality materials, these tools ensure longevity and reliability, whether you’re digging, transplanting or aerating the soil. Their ergonomic handles provide comfort during prolonged use, making gardening tasks more enjoyable and efficient. This set is a perfect addition to any gardener’s toolkit, offering the necessary tools to keep your garden flourishing.

    10. Tool Wrap

    Borrowing from garage and motorcycle culture, we’ve designed a tool wrap that even Steve McQueen would be jealous of. Organize your tools for on-the-go moments when you need to head out to the garden. 10 pockets, hold everything you need in heavyweight waxed canvas. Tied down tight with a full-grain leather strap when in storage so your gardening tools will always be in order, easy to reach and safe and sound.

    11. Watering Stakes

    Meet our terracotta spikes that make watering a breeze! Whether you’re super busy, planning a getaway, or just want to make plant care stress-free, these watering spikes are like an extra helper in the garden.. 

    Here’s the deal: just pop them in the soil, attach a bottle, fill it with water and let your garden pretty much look after itself. Made from high-quality terracotta, these water spikes aren’t just practical; they add a touch of beauty to your garden too.

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