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The Spring Fertilizer Box includes two bottles of Maintain fertilizer and one bottle of Boost fertilizer delivered right to your door! Use one application of Maintain at the start of spring to promote healthy roots and the return of green leaf blades after winter dormancy. In mid-spring, apply Boost to deepen the green appearance of your lawn. Boost will deliver greening benefits to your lawn immediately, and long into the season because of its time-release formula. In late spring, use the remaining bottle of Maintain to prep your lawn for the heat and stress of summer. Our patented nano-fertilizers with Catalyst Technology give your lawn the jump-start it needs to emerge from dormancy, green up fast, and thrive throughout the spring months.



The Summer Fertilizer Box is the best summer fertilizer program for your lawn and includes one bottle of Maintain fertilizer and two bottles of Recover fertilizer. At the start of summer, use Maintain to provide the optimal balance of nutrients as temperatures start to rise. In mid- summer, and again in late-summer, apply an application of Recover to help your lawn get through the dog day stress of summer.  Lawnifi’s patented nano-fertilizers with Catalyst Technology promote a healthy lawn with nutrients designed to beat the summer heat.



The Fall Fertilizer Box contains three feedings for your lawn to be applied on a monthly schedule. The Fall Fertilizer Box includes one bottle of Boost, one bottle of Maintain, and one bottle of Recover. In early fall, apply Boost to revitalize the green leaf blade color after the heat stress of summer. The rapid green up of your lawn will last from the time of application through the remainder of the growing season because of Boost’s time release formula. In mid-fall, apply Maintain for well-balanced nutrition. In late fall, apply Recover to prepare your lawn for winter dormancy by delivering the appropriate nutrients at the right time.


Greens Up Lawns Fast

Powered by Catalyst Technology, Lawnifi’s proprietary manufacturing process creates nano-sized fertilizer particles. When delivered this way, lawns and landscape plants are able to absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently. With Lawnifi, less fertilizer delivers better, greener results.

Improves Soil Health

Lawnifi is not composed of hard granular pieces that must be broken down by water and microbes. Liquid Lawnifi is 100% ready to use right out of the bottle and includes key micronutrients and carbon soil that microbes need to thrive. Healthy lawns choke out weeds and require fewer chemicals to look great.

Easy To Use

No more spreaders requiring difficult math problems and spreader settings. Lawnifi comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle that evenly distributes fertilizer across your lawn and landscape in 10 minutes or less. Lawnifi builds a thick, green lawn and healthy soils with every application.