What Is Catalyst Technology?

You can see results in as little as three days!

Lawns drink; they don’t eat their nutrients. Catalyst Technology reduces the particle size of Lawnifi fertilizers allowing plants to better absorb nutrients. The process allows lawns to use less fertilizer yielding better results for lawns and the environment. Lawnifi, powered by Catalyst Technology, allows consumers to apply 80% less product with better results.

Nano Sized

Cavitation is used to convert nutrients into nano-particle sized nutrients for increased plant uptake


Uses chelation to protect the nutrients, allowing them to effortlessly enter the leaf and/or root tissue

Ultra Low Inputs

Due to its highly plant-avail-able formulation, the typical application rate is only 1-2 quarts per acre


Carbon is used to neutralize the charge of the nutrients so they do not react in the soil or water


Reverse osmosis is used to remove all contaminants and unwanted chemical reactions of water


Not a water soluble powder and does not require a mobile unit to process or dispense the product


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